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The SQL file extension is connected with Structured Query Language. It is used for a wide variety of other application types to implement certain programming languages for the proper operation and execution of each program. The SQL files may contain directives and statements for creating or modifying database structure, such as inclusion, updates, removals and other SQL procedure.

Recovery Toolbox for SQL helps you to recover SQL database extension in easy way
SQL files are used by database products. To recover a SQL database when it becomes corrupted or stops working properly. When your SQL database become corrupted, repairing these SQL database is not very hard because our company provides SQL Recovery Tool, using this software you can recover corrupt SQL extension database in efficient way. SQL Extension database repair tool is able to recover tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, etc from the corrupt SQL File Extension. SQL Extension Database Recovery Software efficiently repairs damaged primary keys, unique key, indexes, candidate keys, foreign keys and every element of SQL server.

Recovery Toolbox for SQL Features and Benefits

  • Recovery Toolbox for SQL can help you to recover SQL file extension database
  • Recovery Toolbox for SQL is cost-effective
  • Recovery Toolbox for SQL is quick & fast
  • Recovery Toolbox for SQL supports Windows OS versions (98, 2000, 2003, Vista, ME, NT, XP, & Windows 7).
  • Easy to download and use and backed by a Support Team

How to Recover SQL File Extension Database

  • Open SQL Recovery Tool
  • Browse the damaged SQL file extension database
  • Click on recover button
  • Preview the recoverable SQL file extension
  • Click save button to save the recovered SQL file extension database
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